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Estate Planning Part 2, Trusts


In Episode 6 of Your Wealth Curve, I once again sit down with attorney Brad Shalit of Connell Foley in N.J. to examine more closely the concept of a trust in your estate planning and how it can provide protection for your assets. Brad suggests to a large majority of his clients to set up a trust in their estates and then to use them to hold and distribute their assets. Brad says that a properly structured trust can provide the maximum amount of protection for your assets with little or no downside at all. Continue reading

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Estate Planning


In this episode of Your Wealth Curve, I sit down for a discussion on estate planning with attorney Brad Shalit, a partner in the taxation and estate planning group at Connell Foley LLP, one of New Jersey’s largest and most respected firms. Brad’s practice focuses on tax planning, specializing in estate planning and asset protection planning for businesses and individuals.

When considering our estate plan, many of us assume it is just as easy as collecting our assets and passing them along to our spouse and children after we die. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy, and there are many things to consider when sitting down to figure out what happens to your assets after you die. Continue reading